About water treatment systems

Apart from being the foundation of living organisms on the Planet, the basic working medium of almost every industrial or commercial plant is water! Everyday life is unthinkable without clean and safe water. It is key to the health, hygiene and productivity of our community.

The water treatment process may vary slightly from place to place, but the basic principles remain largely the same. Depending on the requirements of our industrial or commercial consumers, we are always able to offer the optimal solution.

In our table, see how the individual methods relate to the filtration of certain substances.

Pure water (H20) is colorless, tasteless and odorless. It consists of hydrogen and oxygen. As water becomes contaminated with the substances it comes in contact with, it is not available in nature for use in its pure state. Water can dissolve all natural substances on earth to a certain extent, and because of this property, water is also called a “universal solvent”. Although necessary for humanity, the ability to solvent water can pose a major threat to industrial equipment. Corrosion reactions cause slow dissolution of metals in water.

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