(C)EDI is a newer water treatment technology that combines ion exchange and membrane filtration using the laws of behavior of el. energy. The result of this method is completely salted and clean water whose conductivity is below 0.2 µS / cm.

The process of electrodeionization is continuous, ie there is no saturation of the ionic resin after which the drive should stop to regenerate it, which is certainly an advantage. That is why many people abbreviate this procedure as CEDI (Continuous Electro Deionisation).

Another advantage is the absence of chemicals that are otherwise used in the regeneration of mixed ionic resins in conventional exchangers, while here they are replaced by a constant flow of el. energy. From an environmental point of view, this is a significant contribution to reducing the burden and protecting the environment.

The efficiency of the device ranges from 90% – 95%, which depends on the quality of the incoming water. Reverse osmosis is most often used as water pre-treatment for CEDI.

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