Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is almost perfect method for water treatment. The reverse osmosis system is designed as a combination of individual membrane modules, configured as a arrangement of spirally wound layers. It is the cleanest process available today for membrane filtration. The purification process occurs when water passes through to a semi-conductive membrane and the osmotic pressure causes unwanted substances (e.g. salts) to stop at the membrane. Such an input fluid is divided into two streams, of which the unusable is called a concentrate, and the usable a permeate.

There is almost no area in which this technology has not found application, such as desalination of sea or brackish water, demineralization of tap water, preparation for ion exchange or electrodeionization in energy, medicine and pharmacy (hemodialysis), food industry (whey demineralization, removal of alcohol from beer…) etc. The main division of reverse osmosis according to the application is into domestic and industrial. Depending on the desired fluid quality, reverse osmosis can be performed in several stages.

Some of the features of reverse osmosis are:

  • System selection and sizing depending on customer needs
  • Installation of membranes from quality manufacturers
  • Automatic shut-off depending on exceeding the pressure limit values
  • Flow measurement in multiple compartments

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